The True Meaning of Christmas

We'll leave the reindeer and snowmen to the department stores and online megastores! The Market is the place for families to experience the traditions of Christmas past with a focus on the Nativity.

The REAL St. Nicholas

Children love to visit with the REAL St. Nicholas during the market, to hear of this wonderful saint so beloved around the world. You'll also learn about the other Saints of Advent, patron saints of all our countries, and about Catholic traditions from around the world at Christmas.

Traditional Christmas Cookies

Pick up a box of our deliciously assorted European Christmas cookies, along with your favorite kolach rolls, stollens, Irish Whiskey cakes and more in Baba's Kitchen. You can also shop for take-home pierogi and our famous-recipe, locally made kielbasa.

See What Our Customers have to say!

.... I love this parish's festivals ...glad to see they'll be back this year!

Brings back memories of the holidays at my grandma's house and enjoying family meals together.

So glad to see Baba's Kitchen is open and looking forward to shopping for gifts again!

Parish News and Market History

A little history of pierogi!